Luxury Rent A Car In Lahore

Explore the heart of Lahore with unparalleled convenience by choosing our exceptional ‘rent a car Lahore’ service. Perfect for both residents and tourists, our fleet caters to all your travel needs. Navigate through the city’s bustling lanes, visit iconic landmarks like the Lahore Fort, or shop in the vibrant Liberty Market at your own pace. Our reliable, affordable cars ensure a comfortable journey, giving you the freedom to discover Lahore’s hidden gems without the limitations of public transport. Embark on your Lahore adventure with us and experience a seamless blend of comfort and exploration.

Luxury Rent a car Lahore

Now renting a car in Lahore is hassle-free with Rent a car in Lahore. Luxury Car Rental Service offers cars with drivers includes well-maintained Corolla, Civic, Prado, Mercedes, BMW, APV, sports cars, luxury cars, Honda BRV, Suzuki Cultus, Limousine Car, Toyota Prado, Landcruiser V8, Toyota Yaris, Airport Cab, and much more. Get insured cars for rent in Pakistan with no hassle.

Our Exiting Branches Lahore Bazar With Amazing History


Anarkali Bazaar – A Walk Through Time

Origin & Evolution: Named after the legendary figure Anarkali, this bazaar is steeped in history, dating back at least 400 years. Originally established during the Mughal era, Anarkali Bazaar has been a witness to various historical epochs, evolving from a traditional marketplace to a bustling urban center.

Cultural Significance: As one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia, it offers a unique blend of the old and new. The bazaar is not just a shopping hub but a testament to Lahore’s rich cultural heritage, showcasing traditional Pakistani crafts, textiles, and culinary delights.

Modern Day: Today, Anarkali Bazaar is a vibrant mix of the ancient and contemporary, attracting both locals and tourists. It’s a place where history coexists with modern commerce, offering everything from traditional garments to modern electronics.

Liberty Market – The Heart of Modern Lahore

Foundation: Emerging in the late 1950s, Liberty Market was named to commemorate Pakistan’s freedom. It represents a post-independence era, marking a shift towards modernization and urban development in Lahore.

Evolution: Initially starting as a small collection of shops, the market quickly expanded, becoming a symbol of Lahore’s growing cosmopolitan nature. It reflects the city’s rapid urbanization and is a hub for fashion and lifestyle products.

Today’s Scene: Now, Liberty Market stands as a landmark of modern Lahore, famous for its designer boutiques, high-end shopping, and vibrant nightlife. It’s a melting pot of diverse cultures, tastes, and trends, embodying the dynamic spirit of Lahore.

Shah Alami Market – A Historical Hub

Origins: Named after Shah Alam II, a Mughal Emperor, Shah Alami Market has roots going back to the Mughal period. It was originally designed as a residential area for the royal family and nobles.

Transformation: Over centuries, it transformed into a commercial hub, particularly famous for its wholesale businesses. The market has survived various historical events, including significant damage during the partition in 1947.

Present-Day Market: Today, Shah Alami Market is known for its wholesale and retail shops, dealing in everything from electronics to jewelry. It remains a vital part of Lahore’s commercial landscape, symbolizing resilience and continuity.

Ichhra Bazaar – A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Historical Roots: Ichhra Bazaar’s history is tied to the city’s expansion in the 19th century. It started as a small marketplace catering to the local population.

Cultural Evolution: Over the years, Ichhra Bazaar evolved, mirroring Lahore’s cultural and economic shifts. It became known for its vibrant mix of shops selling traditional and contemporary goods.

Current Status: Now, it stands as a bustling commercial area, known for affordable shopping, with a special emphasis on local crafts and textiles. It’s a place where tradition meets modernity, offering a glimpse into the everyday life of Lahore.

This content can serve as an engaging historical section on your website, providing visitors with insightful information about Lahore’s rich market culture, which they might explore while using your car rental services.

Why Luxury Rent-a-car Is Best In Lahore?

Renting a car in Lahore provides several benefits, particularly for visitors aiming to fully explore the city. Here are key reasons why car rental is a favored option:


With Rental Car in Lahore offers premium vehicles, ensuring exceptional comfort and elegance. Experience top-tier customer service and sophisticated travel in Pakistan’s cultural heart.

Flexibility and Freedom

Luxury Rent a Car in Lahore provides flexible rental options, catering to diverse needs with a range of high-end vehicles, ensuring convenience and adaptability for every client.


Having your Rent a Car in Lahore offers convenient services with easy booking, doorstep delivery, and 24/7 customer support, ensuring a hassle-free, premium car rental experience for clients.


Renting a Car in Lahore delivers cost-effective services, offering competitive pricing for luxury vehicles, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality or customer experience.

Access to Remote Locations

With a car, visitors can reach areas that might be difficult to access via public transportation.


A personal vehicle saves time, especially when visiting multiple locations or navigating busy city traffic.

Book a Car With a Driver To Rent in Lahore

Option for a chauffeured car rental when exploring Lahore, attending weddings, or visiting loved ones. Additionally, book a car with a driver for inter-city travel across Pakistan. Given Lahore’s increasingly congested traffic, particularly on weekdays, hiring a driver is advisable. Our skilled drivers guarantee a smooth journey, enabling you to relax and appreciate the travel experience.

Luxury Rent a Car in Lahore offers experienced drivers proficient in Urdu, Punjabi, and English, with extensive knowledge of the local routes. Contact us to conveniently book a car with a skilled driver for your Lahore travels.

Rent A Car Now

Cheap Budget-Friendly Car Rental Services in Lahore for the Year of 2024.

Luxury cars offers affordable yet premium car rental services in Lahore. Maintaining this balance requires diligence to ensure our rates are the most competitive in the market. We actively gather daily market data to outmatch competitors, guaranteeing you the best prices with us.

Here, I’ll show you how our car rental rates in Lahore are the most economical compared to our competitors, offering you the best value for your choice.

Rent a Toyota Corolla Car in Lahore


If you’re looking to rent a Toyota Corolla in Lahore for your wedding, tours, or travels, you’ve come to the right place. Luxury Rent a Car in Lahore provides Toyota Corolla cars at budget-friendly rates.

Rent within Lahore CityPKR 5000-7000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 5500-8000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingFull Day 10 Hours
Model2018 – 2024
VariantsGLi – Altis X – Grande X
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres
Toyota Corolla Car Prices
Rent A Car Now

Rent a Toyota Prado At Affordable Prices

If you’re looking to hire a Toyota Prado in Lahore, reach out to the Luxury car rental. Rent a Car in Lahore offers competitive rates for the newest Toyota Prado models, ensuring you get quality service at budget-friendly prices.

Rent within Lahore CityPKR 16000-30000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 20000-30000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingFull Day10 Hours
Model2020 – 2024 Up Lifts
VariantsTX, TZ
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres
Prado Rent in Lahore
Rent A Car Now

Hire a Honda Civic in Lahore With a Driver

For hiring a Honda Civic in Lahore with a driver, choose Luxury Rent a Car. We provide the latest models of Honda Civic at highly competitive rates.

Rent within Lahore CityPKR 8000-12000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 9000-14000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingFull Day 10 Hours
Model2020 – 2024
VariantsStandard, Oriel, RS
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres
Honda Civic prices in Lahore
Rent A Car Now


If you opt for a rented car with chauffeur services, we will send you a skilled, licensed, and highly professional driver to your doorstep to pick you up and whisk you away to your wedding festivities securely and punctually. Rent a Lahore car with us today!


Experience the convenience of airport transfers in Lahore with Luxury Rent-A-Car in Lahore, offering a diverse fleet of vehicles and skilled drivers to cater to your preferences. Trust us to be your reliable partner for all your airport transfer needs in Pakistan.


Elevate your travel experience with Luxury Rent-A-Car, offering a wide range of vehicles for every occasion, be it casual outings or executive meetings.


Say goodbye to cab hassles and public transport woes with Luxury Rent-A-Car’s one-way rentals. Experience the comfort and convenience of our remarkable rides as we ensure a seamless journey to your desired destination. Choose us for a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Rent A Car Lahore To Islamabad

One-way drop service from Lahore to Islamabad, catering to the diverse travel needs of our customers. Our commitment lies in providing a hassle-free experience, ensuring comfort, convenience, and reliability throughout the journey. Our Lahore to Islamabad one-way drop service,  Starting From 18,000 rupees, where your satisfaction and comfort are our utmost priorities.



Rent a Car From Lahore To Islamabad Rental Rates

1Honda Civic for Rent a car Lahore to Islamabad
25000 PKR45000 PKR
2Toyota Yaris for Rent a car Lahore to Islamabad18000 PKR30000 PKR
3Toyota Corolla for Rent a car Lahore to Islamabad17000 PKR28000 PKR
4Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 for Rent a car Lahore to Islamabad
22000 PKR40000 PKR
5Toyota Corolla Gli FaceLift for Rent a car Lahore to Islamabad18000 PKR30000 PKR
6Suzuki Wagor R for Rent a car Lahore to Islamabad
15000 PKR25000 PKR
7Gli for Rent a car Lahore to Murree
26000 PKR40000 PKR
8Gli for Rent a car Lahore to Peshawar 25000 PKR40000 PKR
9Gli for Rent a car Lahore to Karachi60000 PKR90000 PKR
10Gli for Rent a car Lahore to Sukkur 35000 PKR55000 PKR
11Gli for Rent a car Lahore to Multan22000 PKR40000 PKR
12Gli for Rent a car Lahore to Faisalabad18000 PKR
30000 PKR

Rent a Car In Lahore Rates

Make / Model1-2 Days per
Day Rate
3-6 Days per
Day Rate
7-13 Days per
Day Rate
14+Days per
Day Rate
30+Days per
Day Rate
Rent a Toyota Parado
Rent a Toyota Revo
Rent a Toyota Corolla
Rent a Toyota Corolla
Rent a Honda Civic
Rent a Honda Civic
Rent a Honda City
Rent a Honda City
Rent a Suzuki Cultus
Rent a Suzuki Alto
Rent a Wagon R 1000cc
Rent a limousine

Frequently Questioned Answers​

Why do people rent a car?

Our reliable service and affordable rates, ideal for families . We prioritize reliability without compromising on comfort or quality.

Why is car rental better?

People use Luxury rent-a-car services for various reasons. Renting a car offers flexibility, convenience, and access to transportation without the commitment of vehicle ownership.

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